Monday, January 27, 2014

Media Console From Repurposed Dresser

My Grandma called one day to tell me she had a dresser that someone put out on their front lawn to give away for free; a few hours later, I was in possession of this...

It was this lovely solid wood dresser that had seen better days, and right away I knew I wanted to make it into a media console. After discussing which color to go with on Facebook, I decided to go for a black worn Pottery Barn look.

This project involved my Husband. One of the things that has kept us close all of these years has been doing projects together; this was one of them.

I went through my quick mental checklist of how much work I was willing to put into this piece of furniture, and got started. See the checklist here.

1) I removed contact paper while the Mr. removed the framing to the bottom six drawers. We would only be keeping the top three drawers in the unit. There was quite a bit of contact paper in all of the drawers, so I got started on peeling it out and giving each drawer a wash (including the bottom six because I will be using them for something else...look for that tutorial in the near future!).

2) Once all the framing to the bottom drawers were out, The Mr. began lining the back and floor of the table with wood he cut to size, while I removed the hardware.

Here is what it looked like with the full lining.

3) After the lining was finished, I began sanding with fine grit sandpaper. I sanded enough to take the shine off, which is why I skipped priming. If you are worried the paint won't adhere well with sanding alone, prime it first.

4) Next, the entire table got a good wipe-down with a sponge and warm water.

5) Once the dresser was completely dry, I laid down my tarp, put some old floor pieces under the feet to protect the carpet, removed the drawers, and began to paint. I used Rust-Oleum Painters' Touch Ultra Cover Premium Latex Paint in black semi-gloss. This product is not meant to be rolled on, per the instructions on the back of the can. I learned that after I rolled the top and it began to crackle. Since the paint was still wet when I realized this, I was able to put the roller away and use a brush to smooth it out.

Don't use a roller!

6) After two coats on the front and legs, three on the top and sides, the painting was complete. After drying for several hours, I took sandpaper to the edges to give the worn look.

If you wanted to protect it from there, you could always add a glaze. I'm a busy Mom of three with a lot to do, as well as a pretty hefty load of hobbies, so I wasn't interested in this project taking forever...I mean, it WAS free, so I had nothing to lose.

Here is the finished table!

Here it is over a year and a half later. There's a little extra wear and tear along the bottom where the kids like to rest their feet to watch movies (just adds to the worn look, if you ask me!), but otherwise, it's held up perfectly.

There you have it! If you would like a way to create a nice looking media console for very little cost, this might be something that could work for you! We have received many compliments, and The Mr. and I are quite proud of it. 

Until next time...create away!

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