Thursday, January 23, 2014

Repurposed Kitchen Canister Set

As I take a look around my house, I'm overwhelmed by how many projects I have done and how many I would like to add to this blog. I decided to start out with a quick and easy Grandmother's canister set!

When my Grandmother passed away, I inherited her canister set that was on top of her kitchen cabinets my entire childhood. The canisters were always something that caught my eye as a little girl because they reminded me of old fashioned candy jars. The only problem was, they didn't really work with my kitchen and I didn't care for the particular wood finish that was on them, so I decided to give them a facelift and repurpose them! My vision was for a decorative and functional tub-side canister set for bath salt storage.

1) To start, the lids and stand were dusty and covered in your typical kitchen grease goop, which had to be cleaned off. I gently washed the lids and stand in the sink with dawn dish soap and warm water while I ran the glass bowls through the dishwasher.

2) After drying completely, I moved them to a well ventilated area onto a plastic tarp and applied a mask to begin painting. There was some fading that had happened over the years from sitting and probably from the grease as well, so that is what the dusty looking areas are.

3) Next, I removed the lids and laid them out on the tarp along with the stand to prepare for painting. I moved the jars to another spot where they wouldn't get paint on them. I used Krylon Metallic Brilliant paint in silver.  

4) After allowing the lids and stand to dry completely, I then turned and adjusted them on the tarp to paint the areas I couldn't get the first time. If the finish is too shiny for your liking and you would like it to have more of a brushed or worn look, you could always take some steal wool to it, or even some fine grit sandpaper to take the shine off. 

5) Once dried, I put the lids back on the jars and transported the set to its new home on the side of the garden tub in the master bath. I filled the jars with various scented bath salts, and voila! I love the way it turned out and how convenient it is as a little salt station! 

Until next time...create away!