Friday, January 24, 2014

Vintage Faux Leather-top Pedestal Table: Easy Makeover!

Looking over my past projects, I'm disappointed in the pics I have of before and during. As I catch up and do new projects, I will certainly provide better pics!

This makeover is about as easy as it gets! All I really used was simple latex wall paint....shhhh, that's our secret! While I appreciate taking the proper steps to ensure a table will look perfect and last a lifetime, I take a few things into consideration:

  • How much wear and tear will the piece ACTUALLY get?
  • How much did you pay for it?
  • Does it have sentimental value?
  • How long do you think you'll have it?
  • Will you be going for a worn look?
  • Could it always be painted again?

When I go over these questions, that is usually what determines how much work I'm willing to put into a piece of furniture like this. Taking this particular table into consideration, it went like this:

  • It won't get much wear and tear as it will be tucked away in a corner between a sofa and loveseat.
  • Got it on Craigslist for $5!
  • No sentimental value to me.
  • I'll have it for however long I can make it work in my home.
  • Yes, I'll be going for a worn look.
  • It could be painted again if I got sick of the color.

After going through this quick mental checklist, I decided that it wasn't going to be necessary to wash, sand, wash, prime, paint, and clear coat this piece. Once I knew what I had in mind, I looked through my leftover wall paint, knowing exactly which one I wanted to find...then I got started:

1) I wiped down the entire piece with antibacterial wipes. It just felt better to sanitize the table before handling it since it was old and I got it on Craigslist. I washed the faux leather gently, but a bit more thoroughly with soap and water.

2) The piece was pretty worn and beat up, so I knew it would only need a light sanding. I took a fine grit sanding bar to it to take off any shine.

3) There was a thin wooden ring along the underside of the top of the table that was chipped, broken, and coming off; rather than attempting to repair it, I just pulled the whole thing off and left it at that.

4) I gave the entire table a wipe down making sure there wasn't any remaining dust from the sanding.

5) After the table was completely dry, I began painting. I used Behr latex flat enamel paint with primer, in "Sunporch". The paint has the primer mixed right in with it. Again, this paint was leftover from a room in my house, so there was no additional cost there! I used a small craft paintbrush to freehand paint the top ring close to the faux leather. I didn't want to tape on the old faux leather just in case it might've taken some of the material off. You could probably tape if you used a painters tape that isn't super sticky, but I would be careful with that.

6) The table took two coats of paint total. Once completely dried, I took the sanding block to all the edges and a couple spots on the round pieces of the pedestal to give it the worn look. Easy peasy and done in just a few hours time!

I didn't bother using a primer first or protecting it afterwards with a clear coat because as I said in my mental checklist, it won't get much wear and tear, and I want it to look worn anyway. This project is nearly two years old and the table looks exactly the same now as when I first painted it. It was a good call skipping the other steps!

If you have an old table that could be brought back to life, this might be a good option to try!

Until next time...create away!


  1. I really like this and would like to do something like this with a few pieces I have, but I am concerned about chipping or scraping of the paint?

  2. If you are concerned about scratches, I would put a primer on before the paint. The Zinsser primers are amazing! This particular table is away from all foot traffic. The only contact it gets is when I dust it, or occasionally it holds a cup or two when we have a party. It has held up perfectly in these conditions, without primer.