Monday, February 3, 2014

Easy DIY: Jewelry Armoire Makeover

I obtained a jewelry armoire from a friend for free, but it had been well used for several years and needed a facelift. I decided to give it some old Hollywood glamour flair to bring it back to life.
Quite a few of the projects I post will be silver with an old Hollywood glamour finish because that's the style we have going on in our master bedroom and master bath.
1) First, I removed the hardware from the doors and drawers, then gave them a quick cleaning in Dawn dish soap and warm water. After that, I rinsed them, dried them on a towel, and placed aside in a plastic container for when I was ready for them.
2) I wiped down the piece with Dawn dish soap and warm water to make sure the surface was clean for painting, and allowed it to dry completely.
3) Next, I removed the drawers and laid them on the floor on the tarp with the armoire.
4) There is a mirror in the top lid that I covered with a piece of paper and masking tape to protect from paint. I didn't tape anything else because the rest was painted, including the inside lining of the armoire, which was a dusty mauve color.

5) In a well ventilated area, I put my mask on and began spraying a light coat of Krylon Metallic silver spray paint in Brilliant finish, on the armoire and drawers. I sprayed the entire thing, even the inside lining.
In process of painting...inside lining and hooks:
6) Once the first coat of paint was dry, I added another coat and repeated a third time in some areas.
7) After the armoire was completely dry, I removed the paper and tape from the mirror. Then sanded the edges with a fine grit sanding block. I went over the entire thing with a light scrub to give the metallic silver a worn look...apparently I have a thing for worn finishes :) I went a bit more heavy on the sanding in some areas where I wanted more "wear".
8) Last, I wiped down the armoire with a damp washcloth to remove any dust from sanding, put the hardware back on (including two new acrylic knobs from The Home Depot), and put the drawers back in. 
I wanted this piece to have some spots of heavy wear, but if you don't like it to have this much, or any at all, just skip the sanding part, or do it less than I did. It's all up to you!
All finished!
Until next time...create away!


  1. I have the same jewelry box. Your new knobs are my favorite part! I'm gonna have to get down to hobby lobby and switch out the knobs on mine. Such a cute idea!

  2. Wow! That jewelry armoire is beyond fabulous! I like how it looked even before you remade it, but the after product just blew me away. The metallic finish is so modern, yet the design remains classy, which gives an amazing design contrast. Love your ideas! Stay creative and beautiful, Rachel! :)

    Cindy Wilson @ Dream Time Creations

  3. I have this same piece. Will you tell me how the lining turned out after painting it? Is it sticky?