Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mickey Ears Pancakes: Telling The Kids We're Going To Disney!

The Mr. and I had the morning planned...we would make Mickey shaped pancakes while sportin' some Mickey ears from the Disney Headbands game. Apparently our boys are quite used to this quirky behavior because they didn't even think anything of us wearing Mickey ears (at first).

It all started with the pancakes; the Mr. poured the batter on the griddle (one large circle, and two smaller ones poured so they are touching the larger circle), while I cut strawberry hearts. Our oldest son said "those look like Mickey ears with a heart on his face". I thought everything was going to go down right then and there, so I asked him to go wake his brothers...

...while he went to do that, the Mr. and I put on the Mickey ears headbands. The boys came down and didn't say much about it. The youngest woke up crabby (he's not a morning person), and began asking us to take them off...repeatedly. The middle guy was still waking up, and the oldest seemed to think we were having a themed breakfast. The Mr. started whistling the Mickey Mouse Club theme song, then I sang the hotdog song and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song.
When the pancakes were done, we sat down to eat and our middle son finally asked why everything was Mickey Mouse...that's when we got to tell them we are going to Disney! After a moment of shock, they were super excited...including the crabby little one (not so crabby anymore!).
We can't wait for our trip! How did you tell your kids you were going to Disney? I'd love to hear it!
Mickey ears cell phone selfie! Woop woop!
Until next time...create away!

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