Saturday, February 22, 2014

Old Dresser Repurposed Into A Buffet

Have an old dresser? If so, you could turn it into a dining room buffet! A friend of ours got a new bedroom set and gave us his old one. I thought it would be good for my son's room, so the headboard went upstairs, but we put off carrying the dresser up, and  it was temporarily (or so I thought) set in the dining room to get it out of the way. As soon as we put it in the dining room, I fell in love with it in that room and a makeover soon followed.

Our dining room is nautical with navy blue, deep red, and yellow/gold decor. I thought navy blue would be a good choice for the buffet, and I just so happened to have some leftover paint in a variation of that color!

1) To start, I wiped down the entire dresser and allowed it to dry.

2) I removed all the hardware and washed them in dish soap and warm water. I also removed the drawers.

3) Next, I  laid down a tarp, opened windows, and wore a mask, then gave the entire dresser a quick sanding with a fine grit sanding bar to take the shine off the finish. After sanding, I wiped everything down thoroughly to make sure no dust was left on the surface.

4) Once the surface was clean and dry, I began painting. I used leftover paint from the front door. This paint is an outdoor paint, and I must say, I LOVE outdoor paint for indoor furniture projects because it's so much more durable! I brushed the paint on the drawer fronts and smaller areas with a good quality brush (Purdy), but a roller worked perfectly fine for the larger open areas (like the top and parts of the sides). Not all paints cooperate with rolling onto furniture, but this paint did!

The paint I used was Severe Weather 15-year warranty Exterior Latex paint, in satin. The color is Poppy Seed by Behr.

I used satin, NOT flat.

5) The dresser took two coats of paint. When the paint was fully dried, I took the sanding bar to the edges to add more dimension. The wood showing through the paint against the dark blue gives it a gold edged look.

6) Wipe down the dresser to get any more sanding dust off, replace the hardware, and put the drawers back in. Voila!

I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out! Because of this piece, the dining room is one of my favorite rooms in our house.

Until next time...create away!

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