Friday, February 7, 2014

Vanity Table From Mismatched Furniture

This was a project I did about a year and a half ago that filled me with just as much excitement then as it does now. I had decided I wanted a vanity in my room so that I didn't have to stand at the bathroom mirror and clutter the counter with stuff, which began the brainstorm.

At the time, I had an old dresser mirror from one of the dressers in my home that we use in my son's room (without the mirror). I painted his dresser in a nautical striped pattern, which can be found here
I had an old folding chair from a garage sale, but needed one last piece to complete the table...I needed a TABLE! Off to browse Craigslist, I went.

I came across a post of an old beat up kidney shaped table for $10. I asked if she would take $5, she agreed and it was mine. I always take caution when buying items from Craigslist; my Husband is always involved with those purchases as well, so I don't put myself in potentially dangerous situations. Back to the table...this thing was in sorry shape, which didn't bother me one bit, and I wasn't planning on repairing every ding and scratch either; allow me to explain...

...Here's the thing about me, I have perfectionist tendencies, but I learned that those tendencies were the source of a lot of anxiety for me, so I decided to let go. This project is one example of how I've learned to work with myself, rather than against myself.

Here's reality;
1) I have kids
2) I like nice things
3) I don't like to pay large prices
4) I don't like my nice things getting ruined.

So rather than making myself crazy by creating every piece to absolute perfection, I make it perfect enough for me. When I do a worn finish, guess what? If one of my kids scratch it, I won't be driven batty by the scratch glaring at me on the otherwise perfect finish. Why would I do that to myself?!

One of the many reasons why I love doing these DIY projects is because they cost me pennies, and I have nothing really to lose if my kids and the piece don't get along really well. I'm not saying my kids are wild animals; I'm saying they're kids, and this is reality. 

With all that said, this is why I adore using worn finishes...they're deliberately "destroyed"! One more scratch just adds character, instead of stress :)

On to the project!

Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of the process. I did this project long before I decided to start blogging about them. Among the pics I don't have, is a before picture of the mirror, which is shocking considering The Mr. and I have had that mirror for as long as we've been together. The one pictured below looks similar to what it looked like before I spray painted it...

I knew that simply spray painting the pieces the same color would give them the look of one piece of furniture with a matching chair, and I couldn't get started fast enough! I was so excited by the cheap table find!

1) Prep: To begin, I wiped down the entire table inside and out with antibacterial wipes, since it came from Craigslist. I then wiped it with warm water and Dawn dish soap. I also wiped down the mirror and chair to make sure the surfaces were clean to accept paint, then allowed everything dry completely. 

I removed the seat of the chair at this time to prepare the frame for painting. I also covered the mirror glass with newspaper and slid it under the edges of the frame, while using some tape to hold it in place. This would protect the mirror from paint.

2) I moved all the pieces outdoors on a tarp and wore a mask while I began painting them with Krylon Metallic Silver Spray Paint in Brilliant. I allowed each piece to dry completely before applying the next coat.

3) Once dried, I took a fine girt sanding bar to the edges and lightly over all of the surfaces to give a worn, antique finish. Each piece got a wipe down after the sanding. Here is a picture of some of the worn edges that I took after it was moved into place in the room:

4) Using black acrylic paint, I painted the old tattered seat of the chair, applied some fabric glue (once the paint was dry), and covered it in a piece of black fabric from an old cardigan I never wore...right from my own closet...that I got for free from a friend it no longer fit! Can we say frugal?! The reason I painted the fabric underneath was because the cardigan is knit, tightly knit, but anything under it would still show through, especially lighter colors. Using an industrial stapler, I stapled the edges of the fabric to the underside of the seat, and screwed it back in place in the chair.

5) All 3 pieces were moved to the room. The mirror is placed just above the table so that it's partially hanging, and partially resting on the surface of the give the impression it is all one unit. I applied an acrylic knob to the drawer that I got from Hobby Lobby.

Painted the inside of the drawer so that all surfaces were covered and nothing looked or smelled gross.

I could have sanded, wood filled, and repaired every ding and scratch in the table beforehand, but I ain't got time for that! Instead, I let go, and it's perfect for me! :)
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 If you have any questions, or would just like to add a comment,  please do! I love hearing from you!

Until next time...create away!


  1. Rachel, you did a fantastic job with that vanity! I really love it. I wish I had more space in my bedroom for one of those. I have one in my old bedroom at my parents house.. Might have to go steal it back! Did you run into any issues with debris from outside getting on your paint as it dried? I have lots of trees in my yard so when I do spray paint projects it seems like I get tons of junk on my pieces from bugs to leaves.

    1. Hi Kim, thanks so much! One of the cool things about piecing together a vanity like this is that you could pair any sized mirror and table to create it...from a small side table, to even a large desk. As far as the spray painting outdoors, I don't have that problem because I only have one little tree in my yard. I saw a tip on Pinterest to use a garment bag to spray paint your piece in. They do make portable painting tents, but I think a screen tent made for camping would work great, and they go up fairly easy. I hope you can find a way to keep the debris and bugs off your projects! Thanks for your comment :)