Friday, November 21, 2014

A Poem For Mothers of Boys

On November 19th, we found out that my sister is expecting another little boy. After this joyful news, I went looking for a lovely poem about boys to share with her and could only find a bunch about how much of a hassle they are with a little, "wouldn't have it any other way", at the end. I found that to be pretty sad, so I decided to write my own poem. It's nothing amazing, but it captures what I can't seem to find online. Mothers of boys, this is for you...

Little men of my heart,
You are not trouble or stress
You are not injuries and mess 

You are superheroes and dragons,
Racecars, t-rex, and modified wagons

You are shirtless summer days 
And snow fort winters

You are clubhouse builders, 
Complete with splinters

But above all else,
You are the pillars of my Motherhood
And the love in my veins 

You are the masterpiece of a lifetime
And no other's the same 

You have made my world complete,
One by one and brother by brother 

What an honor it is to be your Mother

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