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Pleased To Meet You

My name is Rachel, I'm in my early 30's and absolutely loving this decade the best so far! I share life with my fantastic Husband (he's the bee's knees), and three wonderful boys, who all make me smile every single day. We also have two dogs and three fish in our family, making us a pretty full house!

Aside from blogging and DIY projects, I love to paint (not just furniture!), sing, play the ukulele with my Husband and boys, swim, go boating, camping, Fantasy/Sci-Fi movies (Huge LOTR fan right here!), personality theory...and just spending quality time with family and friends.

A Little Background

Over the past few years, I've really found my place in this world. Finding my place didn't become something that ever seemed to be screaming in my ears until I was officially done having babies and they were nearly all school-aged. It seems it was that milestone that brought me to the "what's next?" point in life.

For many of us, I suppose that epiphany is pretty normal when we start out with career, marriage, home, babies, in our sights for so long...but once that has all been reached, what then? Obviously my job as Wife/Mom is never done, which I am ever thankful for. Raising my children was something I lumped in as a given with each baby I had and planned, but what would I do with myself and enjoy, once they were all off to school?

This question sparked an awakening. I found art and music again, my physically fit self after years of baby growing, my spirituality, I discovered I have quite a knack for DIY projects and repurposing things, I learned how to harness my continuous thirst for knowledge, I found what happiness means...I found myself. Ok, I'm done with the cheese for now :)

When I worked outside of the home (in nursing), my Husband was a student. I financially supported our family while he obtained his degree. We knew that once he graduated and had an established career, I would be able to stay home with our young kids.

In 2006, while my Husband was still a student, I took an interest in cake decorating. After watching some tutorials, and some good ole trial and error, I became a self-taught cake artist. From there, I created a custom cake & cupcake business based out of my home; this provided a wonderful supplemental income and because I kept it home based, I had the freedom to keep it manageable with everything else I love to do!

In 2009, our goal was finally reached; my Husband graduated, and a new chapter began for our family.

The following summer we purchased a house that would become our long term family home. After looking at what seemed like a million houses, we finally had a walk through of this one. The house was a short sale and neglected, but we saw the potential. The price was a steal and we just couldn't pass it up. We weren't put-off by the upgrades and TLC the house needed...we love doing projects together, so we bought it!

Over the past few years, we have made so many changes and upgrades to the house, all done ourselves, either together, with the help of some friends from time to time, or individually.

Some of our large projects took us a long time to complete, chipping away at them one Saturday at a time. As many people know, things can get very busy in a household, which can leave little time for projects; to me, they are still worth it!

One of the things I love most about DIY projects is the savings! I love a good bargain, and making something beautiful again with little cost just makes my heart sing...and I'm talkin' belting out the joy! :) DIY projects also give a sense of accomplishment. Sitting back and enjoying the results of your work is an amazing reward.


After sending three little boys off to school (just preschool for the youngest), rediscovering myself, and pulling out the resourcefulness skills and creativity to make our house a home, I learned what it is that fuels my fire...creating.

Today, I still make cakes, but instead of making it a full-time thing, I have made creating in general, a full time thing.

The purpose of this blog is to give a more efficient and consolidated way to journal and share my creations and projects. Sharing my creations with others seems to be the icing on the cake for me. I am always keeping busy with expressionism, from painting, to poetry, to music, to decorating and beyond. I must put my personal stamp on everything, which has perks and setbacks :) 

In addition to a passion for creating, I also love to understand people, and go to great lengths to make it happen; beyond that, I have an intense interest in self-awareness. I seem to always analyze and explore why I do the things I do, and I'm hoping I will learn something more about myself through this blog. 

Thank you again for stopping by. I hope you find something useful here, and visit often! Please feel free to contact me; I would love to hear from you!

Until next time...create away!


- Rachel

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